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A Norwegian Colonisation Undertaking


The Debora Expedition sailed from Bergen in 1879 to establish a Norwegian colony on an Indian Ocean atoll called Aldabra. The organisers endeavoured to find practical and Christian people to create a settlement based on the teachings of the Norwegian preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771 -1824). The expedition was aborted in Madagascar - a few of the participants remained in Madagascar and the rest settled in the British colony of Port Natal (Durban). They were the first group of Norwegian emigrants to settle in Port Natal.

The forty-seven persons who took part in the Debora Expedition were:- Captain Tobiassen and wife, mate Berentsen and wife, mate Oftedal, A Olsen and wife, I Iversen and wife, O Heidalsvig and wife (Høidalsvig), J Finsen and wife, K Bang and wife with three children (Amanda, Severin and Knut), F Larsen and wife with six children (Angel, Emil, Sigvart, the three sons of the late Sivert Andersen Hordnes, and Petra, Ludvig and Karl), H Johnsen and wife with three children (Sina, Josefine and Karl), A Andreassen and wife with three children (I don't remember their names), R Andersen, R Rasmussen, K Jensen, Hesselberg, Grang, O Fosdal, E Eriksen, P Bang, E Ellingsen, widow Egelandsdal and Miss Serene Larsen. Two children were born on the voyage: a son to Mr and Mrs F Larsen and a son to Mr and Mrs Andreassen.

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Descendants of: Anton and Hanna Andreassen

On 19 Jan 2010, Nils Kristian Hoeimyr <nilskris@online.n> wrote: 
I realize that you do not have the names of the children of Anton and Hanna Andreassen who come out with Debora in 1879.

Children of Anton and Hanna Andreassen
Their names are:

Konstanse Andreassen - born 14. December 1872

Anton Andreassen - born 14. December 1872, died in Bergen in 1883 or 1884

Frithjof Andreassen - born 25. January 1876, died 16. June 1881 in Morondva, Madagascar.

The history of this family is real a tragic one:

In short Anton and Hanna  and a sister of Anton all died in Morondava, also a newborn baby died. Of this big family only three children remained for 7 month in Morondava  before the Elieser could take them back to Norway in 1882. Once back in Norway the two boys Anton 11 years old and Johan 4 years old stayed at a newly opened orphanage home in Stavanger.

Konstanse the twin of Anton went to Bergen. Johan died of tuberculosis in Stavanger, so Anton went on furlough visiting his twin sister in Bergen. He then skied down the mountain Fløifjellet and died. As only survivor of the family Konstanse now migrated to SA to join some relatives there.

Later on we have learned that Konstanse married Gabriel Christian Espeland in South Africa. Their daughter Kjirsten was eight years old in 1924 when her father died. At 1999 she was 83 years old and told me in a letter that her family ORMOND left  South Africa for UK in 1956.

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